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What are V-Face Masks? How Do They Work?

Beauty trends from South Korea are just something else. They never disappoint. The V Lifting mask is a trend that has taken the city of Seoul by storm. And here at Emirates, we are not left behind, face mask UAE is already a thing as thousands try it to get that a sharper and firmer jawline as promised. To a skeptic, the question would be, can a piece of fabric tight around my chin count as a beauty product? Well, read on to get a clear picture that will debunk your disbelief that the V-lifting mask is a beauty product that you need at this time and age.

All You Need To Know About The V Lifting Face Masks

What is V-Mask?

The mask was specifically created to provide that perfect v-shaped or as others would put it A-shaped face. It targets women who would like to get rid of the double chin by boosting the lymphatic drainage system as well as tightening the skin. The mask is perfect for women who prefer a non-invasive procedure to enhance their beauty. For instance, when you lose weight, there is fat that’s always hard to completely get rid of around your neck. The v-lift mask helps you get rid of it to get a tighter neckline.

How to Use V Masks?

Once you get the mask to be sure to read the instructions. Proceed to cleanse your face and remove any makeup. You can use a shower soap. Once you have removed the protective film on the mask, stretch it and wear it comfortably. Put the mask on as prescribed as directed usually overnight or 20 to 30 minutes similar to under eye mask. The fabric used should be elastic to fit nicely your chin and not choke you.

Ingredients of a V Mask

The component used is usually a combination of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid among others. This is essential beauty product formulas that help to nourish the skin as well as tighten the same. Interestingly the mask is fitted with a layer of hydrogel which ensures that your chin is well hydrated during the period of usage

Can You use it More Than Once?

No, it is not recommended that you use the mask twice due to hygiene concerns. However, one can after usage recycle it as a compression band for your calves or wrist, as well as ankles. It is advisable to first use the mask before using any other beauty product to ensure maximum effectiveness on your jawlines.

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