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The Advantages of Server Hosting and Its Types

An online service, usually provided by a cloud service provider, a server hosting offers remote access to virtual and physical servers off-site, and related services for a fee on a monthly basis or usage-based. The server hosting UAE system allows the IT team to have and start using on-site application and data servers without the initial costs, delays, hassles of buying, handling and maintaining the physical server and setting it up themselves.

Server Hosting UAE

What Are the Varieties and Their Purpose?

Shared Sever Hosting

This is one of the most basic and cost-effective form of its type. It virtualizes the resources of one physical server and has it distributed equally among other users. Those who require a basic, personal website and a web app that draws a small amount of traffic, with few technical requirements and limited performance, should consider opting for a shared server. That being said, since its utilized by finite number of users, the providers don’t allow it to be scaled beyond a limit. It does have a slight drawback though; certain users tend to consume more than their limit, thereby causing slow performance to other users.

VPS Hosting

Moving on to the next one, virtual private server, which is a level ahead of a the SSH. Here, each user shares only some part of the resources and not everything, and is offered more control on the hosting environment. Each VPA runs its own OS and apps, and reserves a portion of the machine’s resources for itself. The benefit of a VPA is it offers more control over the system’s specs, guest operating system, and basically the overall stack. In addition to being easily and affordably scaled, it also makes an excellent choice for email servers, eCommerce systems, CRM, and any other application that seeks a moderate to high traffic.

Dedicated Server

Unlike the other two server hosting’s cited above, as the name suggests, a dedicated server hosting offers the user exclusive access to all the resources available of a single hardware server. As opposed to its other forms, this one offers a high level of isolation and comes in three forms.

The Advantages of Server Hosting and Its Types

Why Should I Use It?

Currently, companies of all sizes use cloud storage for all sorts of workloads — right from creation and testing to distribution of software, backup and recovery of disasters. Compared to on-site transactions and maintenance of servers, web hosting provides the following:

Quicker to Use – while buying an on-site including installation and configuration typically takes weeks. A cloud service provider, on the other hand, provides configuration and application delivery within minutes, enabling you to offer solutions at a much faster rate.

Pay as Per Usage – in comparison to paying significant amounts for a depreciating asset such as a computer and hardware, the server hosting ensures you have to either pay on a monthly basis, or as per usage. It covers every aspect including using the storage, networking, CPU, and other related IT resources. Additionally, the server allows usage of the power, redundancy, and cooling to ensure 24/7 availability.

Simple and Easy to Scale – unlike an on-site server, a server hosting can easily be scaled and you will be charged based on usage.

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