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The Basics of Car Tyre Maintenance in Abu Dhabi

Maintaining car tyres is no mean feat. It requires you to take a number of steps to get the process right. At the very least, you need to get the basics of car tyre maintenance right. If you are unaware of what these basics are or are unaware of what needs to be done to extract the best performance from your car tyres, this blog is just the thing you need to read. You can find quality alignment and balancing services from some companies who offer
car tyres for sale Abu Dhabi.

Alignment and Balance Tires in Dubai

Alignment & Balance

There are a number of factors that could misalign your wheels. You need to ensure that the wheels are rotated periodically and that they are aligned and balanced. Ideally, you need to balance the tires upon installation. If you experience vibrations while driving, you can safely conclude that the tyres are unbalanced. Unbalanced tyres put your suspension under stress, wear away more rapidly, and increase safety risks. You need to get them checked by professional car care specialists.


Pressure plays a crucial role in car tyre maintenance. Under or over inflated tyres have an impact on the car’s fuel consumption, the tyres’ wear and tear, car handling, etc. If the tyres are inflated properly, they reduce safety risks, increase mileage, and optimize fuel consumption. Under inflation enhances the risk of a tyre rupture, elongates the braking distance, and reduces grip. Check the tyre pressure monthly to avoid any mishaps and facilitate early diagnosis of problems.

Tire Pressure Adjustment in UAE

Speed Rating

Speed rating indicates the highest car speed that your car should ideally operate at when it is running at full load. Using car tyres at wrong speeds could potentially invalidate your car insurance as well. Check the exact speed rating from your car manual or online.


Suspension enhances the friction between car tyres. If the shock absorbers and the all-important spring suffer from wear and tear, you may observe issues such as reduction in steering stability and a general reduction in vehicular control. Get your suspension parts checked by professionals at periodic intervals to avoid such problems.


Abrasion plays a crucial role in determining your tyres’ level of performance. Perform periodic checks on your tyres’ tread depth to identify abnormal wear. Deep cracks and uncovered cables are tell-tale signs of this. Make sure that you appoint experts to check the tread depth as it is necessary for your tyres to maintain a solid grip in all types of weather and road conditions.

The 5 factors discussed here form the basics of car tyre maintenance. This article is based on inputs from us. You can visit their website for any car maintenance queries or booking appointments.

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