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We Decode the Definition of Common Roses

There is undoubtedly no better way to express. Your feelings than with a bouquet of roses. Known for its elegance and distinct scent, these are a great token of appreciation. That said, every rose color has a different meaning associated with it and are known to express different messages across. Yes, that’s right. After reading that, you might seem to seem to be confused or unsure of what roses represent what emotion. Well, worry not, as we bring to you this quick and easy guide, to help you choose the right color rose, depending on the message you want to convey. Once you have read it, feel free to visit our website for all your roses delivery Dubai needs.

White Rose

Ever wondered why you often see white roses at weddings? That is because it represents a sign of peace and new beginnings. Apart from this, it also signifies innocence and purity. These are also a subtle way of telling someone that you are thinking of them. You don’t have to be ready for marriage but can also send them a bouquet of white florals. It is one of the purest ways of expressing your feelings.

Red Rose

Red Rose

It is one of the most popular and quintessential gifts one could gift their loved one. That said, if you have recently gotten into a relationship, you may want to avoid red roses, as it conveys a message of deep and emotional feelings. These red roses wrap a strong indication of love.

Pink Rose

Though it depends on the shade, pink often signifies femininity, soft emotions, and elegance. Mix these with red or white rose, and you are sure to leave a positive mark on the recipient. A deep or darker shade of pink represents gratitude and appreciation, whereas a softer hue depicts gentleness, coy, and grace. While pink roses are ideal for women, you can gift them to men and display your sign of gratitude.

Orange Rose

Orange roses are fiery and bold, representing a sense of enthusiasm and bubbliness within someone. In fact, placing them in your room or workspace automatically boosts your energy and enhances productivity. As per color psychology, it promotes a sense of joy, excitement and positivity.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

One can never have a dull day when surrounded by yellow flowers. It is one of the brightest and cheerful hues amongst roses. While it symbolized jealousy in the earlier times, it now depicts a true sign of friendship and affection. These bright and chirpy colored flowers are like a warm hug wrapped as a bouquet.

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