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What Differentiates a Good Sushi from the Best?

Best Sushi in Dubai

In Dubai, if you are a sushi enthusiast, then there are lots of options to explore. The city has some splendid Japanese restaurants. You need to identify the top restaurant and visit there to have a cozy dinner with delectable sushi delicacies. Choosing a restaurant is the key here. Reading about the restaurant online, and exploring the website is a good way to know about the reputation of the restaurant. But it is also equally important to identify the best sushi in Dubai, and separate that from the mediocre quality sushi. It needs some expertise. The article helps you in this matter by providing some really helpful tips.

Top-Quality Processed Rice

Rice is the essence of excellent sushi. Without high-quality rice, sushi is incomplete. In fact, it is not sushi at all! You must take note that rice stays intact in the delicacy and doesn’t fall here and there when served or when you are actually having the dish. There should be a fine and delicate balance in the application of rice on the sushi preparation. Mixed rice grains make a poor indicator. The packing of sushi with rice must be aesthetic in style.

Excellent Neta

The topmost filling of a fine sushi roll is usually known as neta. The amount of net should be proportionately equal to the amount of rice present in the delicacy. It should add value to the dish. Also, you need to note that when you are being served the sushi, the neta should stay intact with other ingredients of the dish. It is available in tons of combinations. It depends on you which one you are going to choose when you visit a Japanese restaurant in Dubai. But keep in mind that the quality of neta should be excellent.

Impeccable Taste

How can one forget fish in a sushi preparation? The identity of sushi is hinged on the presence of fish. The fish should neither be wet nor too greasy. It must be shiny. Also, the fish present in the sushi should be firm. Top restaurants cove the raw smell with fine vinegar. The proportion of fish used in sushi should be compatible with the proportion of other ingredients.

The Smell Factor

Always keep in mind that a fresh, high-quality sushi delicacy should never have any smell. It is a good way to gauge the standard of the delicacy.

The Look Factor

It is beyond doubt that the best sushi always has an intricately designed aesthetic appearance.

Have the Best Sushi

With the knowledge you have acquired with this article, there should not be any more problems to identify what’s the best sushi.

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