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Why Should I Consider A CBI Program to Antigua and Barbuda?

When you chose the CBI program to obtain dual citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, you are offered the wonderful opportunity of calling one of the most exquisite country as your home. Through the Antigua immigration, you can settle here through an affordable investment options which further enables you to enjoy the range of benefits the country has to offer. Now let’s move on to discover what exactly are these benefits.

Stability and Security

In recent times, the situation in many countries is not economically stable or secure, whereas citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are leading a very safe and secure life in the country. It is in face considered to be one of the most secure countries across the globe. Renowned worldwide for its low crime rates and adherence to law, the country has no major exposure to any security concerns such as money laundering, or terrorism, among others.

Stability and Security

Highly Educated People

As the country has heavily invested in the education infrastructure, it is known to have a literacy rate of above 90%. In addition, they also have several human resource skills in various sectors including tourism, IT, finance, and construction, all of which are aligned with the competitive business environment.

Developed Environment

Currently they are experience a rapid development in the IT and Telecommunications industry, both of which are vital for commercial and industrial investments. Additionally, their government is also offering several financial incentives and taxation benefits, a move which is said to attract potential investors from across the globe.

Attractive Income

As tourism is booming at the moment in Antigua and Barbuda, investors buying luxury properties can expect a high return on investment due to the large number of tourists visiting the country for holiday purposes year around.

Travel Without Visa

Travel Without Visa

Those who hold a dual citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda benefit from traveling to 147 locations without the need of applying for a visa. It includes countries such as UK, European Union and Switzerland. It does however have a minimum residency requirement of five days for the first five years.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps you in understanding the major benefits that you are offered through a citizenship by investment program in Antigua. Visit us today for further details on how you can avail of the investment program.

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